How we work?

We Love Brands and love creating campaigns that makes brands work 

Step 1: Content Strategy & Production

01. Content Strategy

We then develop a content strategy to help determine who are the people to target ; when are the right times to publish content and What are the right channels to publish on. Type of content will depend on where your audience lies online.Next we create a plan of action to meet your goals and connect with your audience. We map out the strategy, resources and schedule required to deliver measurable results.  

02. Content Production ( Press Releases, Visual and Video Content)

Based on the strategy choice we develop Banners, Explainer boards, Landing Pages, Infographics and other rich content for Social Media. We provide a high-quality and attractive content that keeps the interest of your audience and is SEO optimized. We have an in-house production division with in-house professionals with editors, writers, videographers, animators. 

Step 2: Publish and Distribute

 3. REACH2more helps to publish your content to our wide Network

REACH2more helps to publish your content in our Partner Network channels like Instagramm, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so that you can respond from one place.

4. Digital PR and 3rd Party Integration

We also get your content to be picked up by 3rd party News and Websites participants, extending your reach and impact of your brand. 

Step 3: We Promote & Monitor your Content

5. Social Media Advertising 

REACH2more’s team has vast experience in developing social media advertising programs that deliver the best possible cost per action. 

6. SEO and SEM

We also provide Search Engine Marketing (SEM) activation and specialize in maximising Google AdWords budgets. 

7. Analytics and Monitoring

REACH2more’s allows you to gain valuable insights from social data published with our great-looking reports. We keep everyone informed by sharing our performance with our clients. 

We are a Digital Activation Agency

 We help brands to create, publish and promote content that makes brands work.

The Digital Marketing Catalyst.

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