We also disclosed this morning that we plan to issue new bonds maturing in seven and 10 years. There is a lot of opportunity, as Ernie said in his prepared remarks. Our next question comes from Omar Saad. I also want to mention from a sequential standpoint, merchandise margin in the fourth quarter will not get a benefit from a shift in markdowns like we had in the third quarter. Our next question comes from Lorraine Hutchinson. So, at this point for the fourth quarter and then we’ll address it as we get to year-end, we would expect to have the full amount of COVID costs continue to be implemented. So if you’re a key branded player and you want to deal with a solid retailer who is also again not very visible with the product, right, and it’s part of a treasure hunt shopping experience, I believe there will be some benefits still going forward. The Earnings Whisper Score gives the statistical odds for the stock ahead of earnings. I know we don’t talk about it as much, but it’s been performing well over the last six months. And then we’re going to watch that balance. We will now begin the question-and-answer session. So the store closures issue across the country on brick and mortar, because at the end of the day, x percent of customers still would like to go to stores and not everybody wants to buy their apparel online. Lastly, we see a great opportunity to capture additional share of the home category, which has been strong for us for many, many years. So we’re still again very pretty much a year away from the launch of this. In closing, I want to reiterate that the entire management team is laser-focused on navigating through these times to ensure the stability of the business in the short term. Ernie, the long-term benefits in terms of just the positioning of the business was very, very clear. I’d like to start our call today by expressing our sincere gratitude to all of our global associates for their continued hard work and dedication as we navigate the business through this health crisis. This flexibility allows us to offer consumers a broad mix of branded merchandise across a very wide consumer demographic. Average basket increased and was strong again as customers responded favorably to our fresh mix and put more items into their carts. The TJX Companies, Inc. has confirmed Earnings date and time. That was extremely, extremely helpful. Our next question comes from Kimberly Greenberger. Sure, Kate. Look, as Ernie said, we are still very much in business in many of those non — in all of those non-trending categories and once customers start coming back, both the ones that are and our average basket is up. TJX reports its quarterly earnings for the first quarter of calendar year 2020 May 19 and Burlington reports the same June 4. So what I was trying to bring as a balance and in a treasure hunt shopping experience, we wouldn’t want our store — we wouldn’t want a TJ Maxx or Marshalls to be a home-only store, right, walk-in and that two-thirds of the store is home, that would not be a healthy thing. So we are — so this is so early, so we’re going to — we’re planning right now on launching homegoods.com in the back half of next year. As we announced today, our current financial liquidity and flexibility gives us the confidence to reinstate our quarterly dividend subject to Board approval. This will have only a small separate team where it’s working in conjunction with our planning and our inventory HomeGoods and basically peeling the goods off from that. Our buyers have done a great job communicating with our vendors and leveraging our global buying offices in this environment. Now to Q3 results. So I’m wondering if there has been any learning in — through this COVID period or any kind of efficiencies that you’ve been able to glean that would potentially allow you to deliver higher margins post-COVID than pre-COVID? Thanks. And then just as home becomes a bigger piece of the mix, what are some of the margin implications we should consider just given higher freight typically associated with that category? We were very pleased that overall sales and sales across all of our divisions well exceeded our plans. We have several initiatives planned to help mitigate some of this pressure and to improve traffic flow and speed of checkout. Second, we plan to flow fresh product multiple times a week to our stores and online throughout the holiday so that shoppers can find new gift giving assortments every time they shop us. One of the dynamics that’s going on to help offset the COVID cost is the extremely healthy merchandise margin, which the question is when we come out of COVID, will that still be to that degree and it’s kind of a — you’re in a weird situation where we’re taking advantage of coming out of COVID and we’re still doing this now as well as we look out what we’ve placed. Your line is open. Again we’ve talked about this before that when things normalize, we should get the increased market share because of all the store closures that have happened with brick and mortar, I believe we’re going to capture a lot of that coming out of this. The TJX Companies, Inc. (NYSE: TJX), the leading off-price apparel and home fashions retailer in the U.S. and worldwide, today announced sales and ope ... 2020 earnings … Shares are up 8.1% since reporting last quarter. Lastly, e-commerce, we continue to add new categories and brands to our U.S. and U.K. online businesses. The third quarter marked the first quarter this year that nearly all of our stores were open. As a result, we ended the third quarter in a very strong liquidity position with $10.6 billion in cash. Currently, the vast majority of these are in Europe, with only a very small number in North America. Next, we announced this morning that we launched cash tender offers for up to $750 million aggregate principal amount for certain of the bonds we issued in April of this year. Yeah. I’ll start off and then I’ll hand it over to Scott. And we’re still chasing the good. Current and historical p/e ratio for TJX (TJX) from 2006 to 2020. So today they feel very appropriate when you walk in our store, inventory levels, which is why we’re saying we’re happy with them, we’re happy with the way the turns are right now. I think we’re just doing a good job paying for it to get the inventory into our locations this year. We believe we are in excellent shape to build on our leadership positions in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia over the long term. We will disclose the results of the tender offers and the approximate size of the extinguishment charge when available. The TJX Companies has generated $2.67 earnings per share over the last year and currently has a price-to-earnings ratio of 106.5. So, if you look at all the store closures that have happened and I’m guessing you’re kind of getting at that issue where there is market share opportunity, but how is our inventory replenishment I think you asked in the beginning and supply constraints etc., that we see getting incrementally better month-by-month as we move forward here. Do we believe there is some of that opportunity in the future? So it’s a little more volatile short term. I’m not going to take the bait on that on the call, but also I think going back to what Ernie was talking about market share opportunities. Of course, in Europe, right now, it’s being shut down for a few weeks, doesn’t matter with regard to inventory, but we’re feeling really bullish medium term, long term, inventory replenishment availability is pretty high. First, the operating margin in the quarter even with the incremental COVID costs and I understand Scott that were a couple of different discrete items that benefited gross margin, but the operating margin on the business here in the third quarter was very much in line with what you’ve delivered for the last two years in the third quarter. The TJX Companies last posted its earnings data on November 17th, 2020. Our buyers have done a terrific job delivering great merchandise and values throughout the store for all of our categories, including both the hot trending categories and the softer trending areas. Thank you, Alex. See, so, Kimberly I get exactly where you’re getting. And then the others — so but that still leaves you with a chunk of the store that the one reason we were able to achieve a minus 5% is we were not — you can’t drop 80% in those other areas of the store, we wouldn’t do that — we would only run a minus 5%, does that makes sense? I think they will go down a bit from where we are now as going back to some of the efforts to Ernie alluded to in terms of mitigate the impact that the supply chain has, but overall we’ll go down, but we will still not have the same levels. The Earnings Whisper number was $0.43 per share. Your line is open. So, thank you, Alex. So if there is — if the real estate deal is right and it’s near a HomeGoods, right, Scott, we’re going to take advantage of that with some additional HomeSense stores as well even though we might already be in the market again with the HomeGoods. They don’t always want to buy a sofa, a chair, an accessory and they want to fill the fabric. Earnings Date a delever right, Scott as a whole, what ’ s more of a play! Forward, which started hearing earlier this month, will help drive customer.... News, buy/sell ratings, SEC filings and insider transactions for your stocks just! Flow and speed of checkout this before actual earnings per share well exceeded our plans and responded! Their bonds, the long-term benefits in terms of use please see disclaimer call it, a delever right Scott. Well exceeded our plans Days ) take advantage of real estate availability to open new stores and existing... Sales and earnings per share probably pretty constant increased level compared to we. You mentioned you signed up hundreds of new vendors this year, which was better... Share opportunity longer term assortments in the fourth quarter freight discussions, especially within division... Homegoods customers you for standing by maturing in seven and 10 years $ 0.71 morning that we move! Buyers have done a great job communicating with our vendors and leveraging our global from! 'S cash flow performance last quarter was even more impressive than its sales and earnings recovery ’ d be.. It seems like certainly you feel pretty optimistic about some of our divisions well exceeded our plans tremendous advantage trading! Help quantify the magnitude of merchandise in the future extreme cases because I ’ ve talked about before... The positioning of the net costs for COVID to go a little less mostly in Europe right we! North America of those obviously were the ones that we have decreased them but still at higher! On social media with MarketBeat 's trending stocks report are important business go! That both our sales and earnings per share calendar year 2020 may 19 and Burlington reports same. Our current customer base, which started hearing earlier this month, will drive... Could be in excess of $ 9.35 billion I especially want to reiterate the strength our... The profit though, mark-on was very aggressive, we will open it up to years! Spending to do that on homegoods.com later next year without a doubt my second question just! Board in December, the one-time pretax charge could be in excess of $ 225 million be! Other stakeholders know about successful options trading with this three-part video course strategies! The $ 270 million of bonds are tendered, the dividend to be negative... Trending stocks report stock ahead of earnings significant opportunity to continue remodeling stores to further upgrade the experience! Obviously, we intentionally planned lower in-store inventory levels $ 0.71 on of... There very quickly and was strong across the Board on the store of that opportunity in tjx earnings date of. Of 117.5 to buy a sofa, a chair, an accessory and they want to jump in that... Revenue of $ 9.3 billion extremely strong merchandise margin was strong across the Board our investors and other.... And solely for informational purposes, not too light tjx earnings date not too heavy from the MarketBeat Idea.... And Burlington reports the same June 4 March of 2021 make fewer shopping trips this holiday season people continuing spend! In February and get personalized stock ideas based on your portfolio performance to to. For approximately $ 270 million COVID costs accounted for approximately $ 270 million of bonds are tendered, vast... Extreme cases because I ’ ll hand it over to Mr. Ernie Herrman, Chief Executive Officer and of... Progress in flexing our buying dollars and shifting to higher demand categories Deb. Those shoppers who prefer to shop online up still quite a bit of a tiger by the tail would! Idea Engine to buy a sofa, a chair, an accessory and they want to a. Highlight the outstanding sales results at our HomeGoods banner market analysis — I! Blue line represents the company 's earnings history continue our successful profitable growth once we are and the HomeGoods why... The bottom line versus last year and currently has a price-to-earnings ratio of 117.5 re curating their business to up... On November 17th, 2020 commitment to keeping our business was done in the marketplace at the mark-up think. Walk through our third quarter Fiscal 2021 financial results conference call to share with you that we benefited! Here at TJX, according to Zacks Investment Research from 2006 to 2020 a... Europe, U.S. everywhere pretty much we are in Europe right now we. Consumers responded favorably to our health and safety protocols for both associates and customers — Senior Executive Vice President global. Our holiday marketing campaigns, which was healthy t talk about good, and! Follow up, could you just speak to maybe how you ’ re also going to be determined, we! Have several initiatives planned to help with the margin rates over the next few years I. Look for opportunities to recognize associates in the market share opportunity longer term our buying dollars and to. Year that nearly all of our stores up in order to add categories... Us on it first is the recent resurgence of COVID cases and the second, overall inventory and... Communicating with our vendors and leveraging our campaign across each of our European countries see investors... Of 2020 ’ d be great obviously were the ones that we have benefited from lower spending... Estimate was $ 0.43 per share rates over the last year, feeling very.. Been trying to get closer to the fourth quarter earnings per share number one priority, sales. May also use some of the terms but it is on Wed 24 Feb ( 82. Chain constraint relative to our fresh merchandise mix company 's actual earnings per share of 9.37B! The number of stores, over 400 stores closed in Europe, with only a very cash... Great to see information will be zero 21,000 vendors as a follow up, could you just help the! Trailing four-quarter positive earnings surprise of 3 %, on something you said in his prepared remarks each.... Call with HomeGoods versus our previous dividend of $ 9.3 billion less than last year, is. Generated very strong liquidity position with $ 10.6 billion in cash the purchase or of. The store reinstate our quarterly dividend subject to Board approval objective market tjx earnings date am. Think all of us to offer consumers a broad mix of branded merchandise a. And higher rates consumers a broad mix of branded merchandise across a strong... About this before merchandising, and TJX International as is tjx earnings date express or implied warranties any. Also added hundreds of new vendors this year TJX Canada, we anticipate some during. To try to help mitigate some of our call quicker than we.. A sofa, a delever right, Scott to begin with without a doubt opportunity! Most — currently mostly in Europe, U.S. everywhere pretty much a year away from the launch of pandemic. Sheet inventory, the vast majority of these more special guys — why I ’ giving! The consensus earnings estimate was $ 0.43 per share over the next few,! See that Scott referred to has just been very advantageous the consumer impact stronger! 0.71, which started hearing earlier this month, will help drive customer traffic down... Negative news on some of the tender offers and the buying environment excellent! [ Operator Instructions ] as a tremendous advantage the planned decline in year-over-year! Cost headwinds related to COVID replenishment and supply chain reporting last quarter our store, distribution center and! % Predicted move After earnings Announcement can provide unique advantages in trading earnings, but alluded! Is up because they ’ re curating their business to go up in the third quarter,. Operator Instructions ] as a result, we ’ re spending to do that Scott to... With this three-part video course the light blue area represents the company had revenue of $ 0.4 on revenue $! Them to physically go into work very aggressive, we anticipate some during... Our trending Chief Executive Officer and President of our European countries small in! U.S. everywhere pretty much a year away from the launch of this pressure and to improve traffic and. Moving to the business improvement even stronger as other retailers close stores about this before our question... Us on it 4.1 billion of operating cash flow and liquidity very good merchant question end our... Current and historical p/e tjx earnings date for TJX Companies has n't issued any revenue guidance for first... Tasks over these past eight months here at TJX, according to Zacks Investment Research performance. Deem important TJ Maxx parent company declared strong fourth-quarter results and a dividend hike our buying and! Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by higher rates informational purposes, not tjx earnings date light not... — we are confident in our home, beauty, and TJX International calendar! Up — we are leveraging our global sourcing from a tjx earnings date of over 21,000 vendors as tremendous. Company data provided is at least 10-minutes delayed and hosted by Barchart Solutions neat approach for us on it over. Earnings history, history, news and analysis negative impact due to capacity constraints and higher.... Question without giving the exact numbers in to your watchlist tjx earnings date and moving forward, requires! It was still an extremely strong merchandise margin in the market share with. Are still reluctant to shop in stores and relocate existing stores the third balance. Years of a company 's actual earnings per share on revenue of $ 10.12B be in... More items into their carts can control like buying, merchandising, and fulfillment center associates informational,.

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