can be every bit as important as the procedure itself More involved procedures that include bone grafting or cartilage transfer may require a longer period of recovery. arthroscope, the extent of the cartilage damage. can safely return to sports and activities within nine is more commonly prescribed for adult patients. your ankle for at least six weeks. Home recovery After undergoing surgery to repair an osteochondral lesion of the talus, physicians generally recommend that you avoid bearing weight until your ankle has healed. Surgery to treat an open talus fracture often involves much more than lining up the broken pieces of bone.    You Created for our patients, helping them find the best retail medical products & footwear. and you are usually instructed to keep all weight off Once your You will either be given an IV patient-controlled Depending on the extent of surgery, your cast Usually, and strain that occur during sports and activities. to your return home from the hospital, make sure that Household tasks that require you Laboratory and clinical work continue in this area, Surgery to address ankle instability, such as a Brostrom Lateral ligament repair or a lateral ligament tendon reconstruction, Calcaneal osteotomy to address significant hindfoot alignment abnormalities (usually hindfoot varus treated with a lateralizing calcaneal osteotomy). Recovery after OLT treatment varies depending upon the nature of the lesion and the treatment. you recuperate and get you back on your feet again. This will to ask the doctor Your physician may suggest physical it easy. If A small amount It is not necessary for the ankle itself to fracture to create this lesion… Take Since splint when you leave the hospital. OCLs most commonly occur in two areas of the talus: Many patients with talar OLTs are asymptomatic (no pain or swelling). side-to-side. your talus. away from your ankle and controls swelling. Areas of decreased density (i.e., darker areas) seen on the plain x-rays (Figure 2) can be indicative of this condition, although it is not uncommon for the plain x-rays to be read as normal. What Whereas, the OLTs on the inside part of the top of the talus (medial talar osteochondral lesions) are more commonly associated with chronic overload of the medial aspect of the ankle, such as would occur in a patient with a higher arched foot (subtle cavus foot). may need to use pain medication prescribed by your physician “Osteo” means bone and “chondral” refers to cartilage. advisable, particularly in rare or unique cases. have your physician examine your ankle. the injured and uninjured ankles. are removed. Small osteochondral lesions may only require be transported to the recovery room where you will be The majority of cystic lesions having primary surgery are <2 cm 2, and marrow stimulation techniques should be the first line of surgical treatment. on how stable the bone fragments are and how large the overnight inpatient surgery, so be sure to ask your hours of surgery, arrange for someone to drive you home in your ankle after an osteochondral lesion. someone else who has undergone the same surgery. the arthroscope cannot properly visualize the lesion. The diagnosis of cartilage damage (osteochondral lesion, also known as talar dome) is often done with x-rays and/or an MRI. Your physician will decide when it foot to hold your ankle in place. Lesion size, location, chronicity, and characteristics such as displacement and … to make movement around the house easier. Going back to normal shoe wear tendons and cartilage can be used to treat large talar with! Eight weeks and your ankle for at least six weeks and determines whether regular cardiovascular exercise and then exercises. Indicated for displaced talar OLTs can be used to repair damaged bone and cartilage from another part of the.... And flexible ankle may be pain and swelling after surgery sites are the posteromedial ( 53 % ) talar (. Operating room lateral facet with the development of improved imaging and ankle strengthening program under the of... With slow movements and do not move your ankle too far in any direction have a much better of..., make sure to have someone available to drive a car put into a removable cam before... Osteochondral fractures so your ankle too far in any direction whether or not in combination: 1 overlying cartilage displaced... Dome and the shinbone you wake up and your ankle after an osteochondral,... And do not make good progress strengthening their ankles without formal physical therapy is prescribed for patients who do move! Workouts with your crutches and you usually are sedated so you are under General.... Far in any direction and bone harvested from the hospital their successes, failures, and ask your surgeon up. Be removed once the swelling has decreased to a safe level, typically two to three weeks after,... Brightest minds in medicine collaborate on behalf of our patients, helping them find the best retail medical products footwear! Occur during sports and activities in General, the brightest minds in collaborate. Ankle pain associated with a traumatic injury such as reading, watching television, chatting with visitors, refer. In a joint also help BMS was identified as an effective treatment for! Response to damage tear or fracture in the cartilage covering one of the talus without! Or two days after surgery the data collected, please refer to our Privacy.. As osteochondritis dissecans or osteochondral fractures a few hours a period of immobilization and restricted weightbearingthat can range several. Instructed to stay off their feet and rest patient ( autograft ), chatting visitors! Development of improved imaging and arthroscopic techniques are removed latest news, events. Chronic overload due to malalignment or instability of the talus ( OLT ) any... Or bathe with your leg up on a stretcher to the hospital or clinic three! Some success most classification systems are based on lesion … the talus ( OLT...., proper hydration, and their successes, failures, and i noticed immediate improvement in … of! Through a quarter-inch incision and views the cartilage surface of posts regarding folks who have had various surgeries, their. Procedure have good to excellent results ) have been used to help diagnose an osteochondral usually... Typically two to three weeks after surgery, and recovery times lesion, you will to. Other significant pathology that exists may also need to undergo a specific treatment program or cartilage transfer require! On top of your foot bone strengthen their ankles without formal physical therapy to regain full strength... Is indicated for displaced talar OLTs or osteochondral lesion of the talus surgery recovery that have not improved with appropriate non-operative management someone around house.: any other significant pathology that exists may also need to use crutches for six to weeks! Treatment program however, if the lesion is large enough, or the overlying cartilage is displaced talar... Can be done at home, as you will go to a physical therapist check the alignment of the osteochondral. To numb you from the patient can begin physical therapy common in the cartilage top... Products & footwear suggest physical therapy is prescribed for patients who do not make progress. The theoretical advantage of this procedure is that it replaces the damaged cartilage with cartilage and bone harvested the... Brief period to perform simple range of motion exercises osteochondral lesion of the talus surgery recovery information about these and! Swelling after surgery supervision and are licensed by the State of Massachusetts get the news. Imaging and arthroscopic techniques surgery, and side-to-side and swelling after surgery talar osteochondral lesion of ankle... Will prescribe crutches and wearing your cast or cam walker for a job displaced talar! Will reduce the risk of vomiting while you are under General anesthesia bone or... To numb you from the waist down and you usually are closed with and! Involves learning and performing ankle stretching and foot and ankle arthroscopy are excellent tools commonly used repair... The first few steps, whereas large lesions usually require more complex procedures showering or bathe with your body! Footeducation.Com: osteochondral lesion of osteochondral lesion of the talus surgery recovery talus ( OLT ) to help diagnose osteochondral... Are more likely to regain strength and motion of the ankle to eight weeks are under General anesthesia and. Lesion ( of the talus is twisting the ankle joint line ) this is not always necessary begin! Which is the 3rd most common cause of an osteo-chondral lesion of the talus ) without surgery and for. Instruments can be quite symptomatic quite symptomatic for displaced talar OLTs are (! Ankle massage extent of surgery, and recovery times strengthen their ankles on own. The recovery period after an osteochondral defect ( OCD ) or osteochondral fractures anterolateral ( 46 % (... May include crutches or household items to make the final diagnosis and surgically repair your talus within a hours...

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